Other information

The Nelson Tasman Community Transport Trust (NTCTT) is a registered charitable trust established in 2018. It is organised and run by volunteers with support from Tasman District Council and community funding. .

We are always looking for voluntary or part-time personnel as drivers and help in other ways. Contact admin@ntctt.org.nz 




    1.        Bus Timetables

    a)   Although we will endeavour to run buses to the timetable, departure and arrival times are not guaranteed as they can be affected by traffic congestion, diversions, roadworks, breakdowns, accidents, weather conditions and other unforeseen events.

    b)   If there is a major service disruption, we will attempt to let passengers know via our website, Facebook page or phone.


    2.        Comfort of Passengers

    a)   To ensure the comfort of all passengers, you are requested:

           -     To be courteous to the driver and fellow passengers

           -     To place bags on your knee (not on an empty seat) as seating is limited

           -     Not to smoke, vape, eat, drink, play loud music or put your feet on the seat

           -     Remain seated whilst the bus is in motion and wear a seat belt

           -     To be respectful of the vehicle. If you are seen damaging any part of the bus, you will  be asked to leave, with no refund and may be required to pay for any damage

           -     To make sure you take your belongings and any rubbish with you when you leave the bus.


    3.        Bikes/Wheelchairs/Mobility Scooters

    a)   The bus does not have wheelchair access and therefore passengers needing assistance should be accompanied by a support person.  (Mobility Scooters cannot be carried on the bus.)

    b)   Bikes can be carried for free on the bus.  It is your responsibility to load and unload your bike onto the bike rack.  It is also your responsibility to ensure it is securely fixed.


    4.        Travelling with Children

    a)   Children under 5 may be carried for free.

    b)   Children under 10 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.  

    c)   Prams/strollers must be folded to make room for other passengers and stored in the boot.

    d)   The passenger in charge of the child is responsible for ensuring they are correctly restrained.


    5.        Animals on Buses

Small animals secured in pet carriers on the passenger’s knee, can be carried free of charge.  If the animal is noisy, aggressive or emits an unpleasant odour, the passenger and pet may be asked to leave the bus.


    6.        Filming & Photography

If you wish to film or photograph while on the bus for personal use, please be respectful of other passengers on the bus.  If you wish to film or photograph while on the bus for anything other than personal use, you must first seek prior written approval by contacting 022 6822 373.


    7.    Getting on & off the Bus

    a)   You must ensure you are clearly visible to the bus driver at the bus stop, it is advisable to wave or raise your hand to the driver.

    b)   Bus drivers will pick-up or drop-off passengers at designated bus stops.  However, the bus can stop anywhere along the route, by prior arrangement, and only where safe to do so.   

    c)   If the bus is full to legal capacity, the driver is not permitted to let you board.

    d)   You should let passengers get off the bus before you get on.

    e)   As you approach your stop, please do not stand up until the bus stops.


    8.    Lost Property

If you believe you have left something on the bus, you should contact 022 6822 373.  Valuable items such as wallets, phones, and keys, are held for one week before being taken to the Police Station.  Other items, such as clothing, will be kept for 3 months and, if not claimed, will be donated to charity.


    9.    Privacy

We do not collect personal information but we do collect trip data (eg number of passengers) for several purposes, including data recording, health and safety, resolution of complaints, services planning, research, and training etc. 


   10.    Travelling with Luggage & Groceries

a)     Luggage and groceries should not block the aisle or exit.

b)     Drivers may refuse to carry any item if it is deemed to be excessively large, hazardous (e.g. gas bottles, petrol containers), likely to cause injury to passengers or damage to the vehicle, or likely to cause offence or discomfort to passengers.


   11.    Duty to Carry Passengers

The service provider will endeavour to carry all passengers, within the legal loading limits. However, the driver may refuse to carry any passenger, or require any passenger to get off the bus, on the grounds that:

    a)   The safety of the driver or passengers may be threatened.

    b)   The person appears to be in a unfit condition, is consuming food or drink, is smoking/vaping or appears to be under the influence of alcohol  and/or drugs.

    c)   The person is noisy, aggressive, violent, or disturbing the peace.

    d)   The person has previously vandalised the bus.

    e)   The person has attempted to defraud the service provider.

    f)    The person is unwilling or unable to pay the fare or has travelled beyond the Terms of Carriage.

    g)   The passenger is in possession of a dangerous item or equipment, e.g. gas bottle, petrol container.

    h)   The passenger has repeatedly breached these terms of carriage.


   12.    Complying with Conditions

If you do not comply with these conditions, you may be required to get off the bus.  If this happens you will not be entitled to a refund.


    13.    Disclaimers

    a)   Loss or damage to belongings – passengers travel at their own risk, NTCTT are not responsible for any loss or damage to personal belongings.   However, NTCTT will endeavour to return lost property to its rightful owner.

    b)   Service disruptions – Although MCB make every effort to provide efficient services, we are not responsible for any losses, costs, distress, or inconvenience caused by late, diverted, or cancelled services.


    14.    Complaints

If you have a complaint, concern, compliment, or suggestion about the bus service, or you require more information please phone 022 6822 373 or email office.ntctt@gmail.com .