Motueka To Richmond                 Route code Tues  Thurs      Sat

Motueka i-SITE                                    M2T              9.30am         9.30am        9.30am

Tasman General Store                        T2M              9.45am         9.45am        9.45am

Māpua Community Hall                      MA2W          10.00am        10.00am      10.00am

Westdale Road, Redwood Valley       W2R            10.10am        10.10am      10.10am

Richmond Shops/Sundial Square     R2RAC         10.25am        10.25am      10.25am

Richmond Aquatic Centre                        -                10.35am        10.35am      10.35am

Richmond to Motueka Trial timetable to allow link with Nbus to Nelson City Return


Richmond Aquatic Centre                  AC2R             2.00pm          2.00pm       2.00pm      

Richmond Shops/Sundial Square     R2S    2.15pm          2.15pm       2.15pm

Stringer Road, Redwood Valley         S2MA             2.30pm          2.30pm       2.30pm

Māpua Community Hall                      MA2T           2.40pm          2.40pm       2.40pm

Tasman General Store                        T2M            2.55pm          2.55pm       2.55pm

Motueka i-SITE                                         -               3.10pm          3.10pm       3.10pm

Although we endeavour to run buses to the timetable, departure and arrival times are not guaranteed as they can be affected by traffic congestion, diversions, roadworks, breakdowns, accidents, weather conditions and other unforeseen events.  If there is a major service disruption, we will attempt to let passengers know via our website and Facebook page.


Bus drivers will pick-up or drop-off passengers at designated bus stops.  However, the bus can stop anywhere along the route, by prior arrangement, and only where safe to do so.  


Purchase of ticket assumes acceptance of Terms of Carriage (on NTCTT website -https://www.ntctt.org.nz/coastal-corridor-route/motueka-coastal-bus).

 Any queries please contact the Service Co-ordinator: Kamal Willis office.ntcct@gmail.com  Tel: 022 6822 373