1.       Introduction


Māpua Willing Wheels is a volunteer drivers transport service providing reliable and affordable transport for Māpua and Districts residents in and around Māpua, Motueka, Richmond and Nelson.  Volunteers are willing to offer rides to residents for business, appointments, activities, shopping, after school activities/sports practices etc, airport runs excluded.  The service is provided in partnership by Nelson Tasman Community Transport Trust and Māpua and Districts Community Association.


2. Booking Rides


All rides are to be booked through the Transport Co-ordinator giving at least 24 hours’ notice.  The Transport Co-ordinator will record your name, address, contact details, the date, time and destination of the required ride, property access issues, any mobility needs, driver gender preference, and, if required, next of kin/emergency contact details.  (Recorded data is obtained and used for the purposes of monitoring usage of the service only and will not be shared for any other reason.)  Once the Co-ordinator has the required details they will ‘match’ the passenger with the most appropriate driver.  The Co-ordinator will let the passenger know as soon as possible if they are able to confirm a driver, and will also advise the mileage cost.  The Co-ordinator will email a copy of the Terms of Carriage to the passenger.  By confirming a ride booking the passenger is deemed to have read, understood and accepted the Terms of Carriage document.  Confirmed drivers will be given the passenger’s telephone number.


NB Drivers will endeavour to take passengers to their destination at the required time but cannot be held responsible for traffic congestion, diversions, roadworks, breakdowns, accidents, weather conditions and other unforeseen events.


NB The service makes no guarantees that a driver will be available when required and suggests all passengers have a ‘Plan B’ in mind if this should be the case.


3. Cancellations


If the passenger needs to cancel a ride once confirmed please contact the Co-ordinator asap, giving 24 hours notice where possible.


4. Mileage Rates


The passenger will be required to pay the driver’s entire mileage at the current IRD rate for use of a vehicle ($0.95 as of June 2023).  All rides are considered returns, even if the passenger does not return with the driver.  The mileage due will be confirmed by the Co-ordinator upon confirming a ride booked.  The mileage is to be paid to the driver in cash in an envelope upon collection for the ride.  The driver is unable to commence a ride unless full payment has been received.  A receipt can be issued by the Transport Co-ordinator if required.


Waiting time – volunteers will wait for up to one hour if notified in advance that waiting time is required.  If the passenger requires more waiting time, they will be liable for the mileage the volunteer incurs returning home, before returning to collect the passenger and take them to their final destination.


6. Behaviour Expectations


·  You are requested to be courteous to the driver and respectful of their vehicle.  The passenger shall be liable for any damages caused by them. 

·   Wear the appropriate seatbelt and remain seated whilst the vehicle is in motion.

·   Not to eat, smoke, drink, play loud music, film or photograph the driver, or put your feet on seats.

·   Drivers may refuse to carry luggage if is deemed to be excessively large, hazardous, e.g. gas bottles, petrol containers, or likely to cause injury, damage or offence.

·   If you become unwell notify the driver immediately.

·   If travelling with children, please provide the appropriate car seat and ensure they are correctly restrained for the duration of the ride.   

·   If any passengers behave inappropriately or unsafely, the driver reserves the right to terminate the ride.  No refund will be given under these circumstances. 

·   If a driver reports inappropriate or unsafe behaviour the passenger will no longer be able to access the service.

·   A driver may refuse to collect a passenger(s) if they deem that their safety may be threatened, the passenger is noisy, aggressive, violent, inebriated, drugged or the passenger has not paid their mileage. 

·   Ensure you take your belongings and any rubbish with you at the end of the ride.

·   Animals shall not be carried unless prior approval given by the Co-ordinator and driver.


7. Volunteer Drivers


All drivers are volunteers using their personal vehicles.

All drivers have been Police checked and provided copies of their identification documents, including driver's licence, and car insurance. 

All services will adhere to current Covid requirements

All drivers have roadside breakdown cover.

All drivers will wear Māpua Willing Wheels name badges.

All drivers will carry cell phones, first aid kits and a copy of the Terms of Carriage.


8. Disclaimer

Passengers travel at their own risk.  The service holds no responsibility for loss or damage to personal belongings.